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TheSky for iOS

Say Hello to TheSky for iOS

Born in the dawn of the personal computer, TheSky Astronomy Software has long been the astronomer’s companion. A powerful, reliable, and comfortable friend. 

Thirty years later, you can now enjoy your old pal on your iPad or iPad mini. Discover new worlds, explore new possibilities, and relive the fascination of the heavens above.

It’s like sharing old times with an old friend, made new again.

TheSky HD is now on the App Store!

Minimum System Requirements

Any iOS device running iOS 10.3, or later.


Sample Screens

The Andromeda Galaxy, M31

The Horsehead Nebula (IC 434)


  • Simulate the sky for any date from year 1900 through 2200 A.D.
  • Identify the planets, stars, and thousands of other interesting objects with a tap
  • Show you the most interesting objects that are visible tonight
  • Label stars, planets, deep space objects
  • Find and identify the eighty-eight constellations (with "stick figures or detailed photo-overlays)
  • View satellites
  • Predict upcoming Iridium flares for your location
  • Show you fascinating photographs of astronomical objectss
  • Locate astronomical conjunctions
  • Show you the Milky Way galaxy
  • Accelerate time to simulate planetary motion
  • View Hertzsprung-Russell (HR) diagrams for stars
























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